boiler tube

High and Low Pressure Boiler Tubes
Seamless Boiler Tubes


Uses: For manufacture wall panel, economizer, reheater, superheater and steam pipeline of boilers



Boiler Tube Grade:

Standard Grade
GB3087 10、20
GB5310 20G、20MnG、25MnG、15CrMoG、12Cr1MoVG、12Cr2MoG、12Cr2MoWVNbB
DIN1629 ST37
DIN17175 ST35.8、ST45.8、15Mo3、13CrMo44、10CrMo910
ASME SA-106 SA-106B、SA-106C
ASME SA-210M SA-210A1、SA-210C
ASME SA-213M T11、T12、T22、T23、T91
ASME SA-335M P5、P9、P11、P12、P22、P23、P91、P92
ASME SA-192M SA-192
ASME SA-333 SA333Ⅰ、SA333Ⅵ
JIS G 3461 STB340、STB410、STB510
JIS G 3462 STBA 12、STBA 13、STBA 20、STBA 23、STBA 24、STBA 26
EN10216-1 P195TR1、P195TR2、P235TR1、P235TR2、P265TR1、P265TR2
EN10216-2 P195GH、P235GH、P265GH、16Mo3、13CrMo4-5、10CrMo9-10
EN10028-2 P235GH、P265GH、P355GH、16Mo3、WB36

Seamless Boiler Tube Size:

OD WT mm
inch mm 2 2.6 3.6 4.5 5.5 7.1 9.5 12.5 13 14-16 17-19 20-25 31-60 61-70 81-90 91-120
0.84 21.3                    
1.05 26.7                  
1.315 33.4                  
1.66 42.2                
1.9 48.3                  
2.375 60.3                
2.875 73              
3.5 88.9              
4 101.6              
4.5 114.3              
5.563 141.3              
6.625 168.3              
8.625 219.1              
10.75 273                
12.75 323.9                
14 355.6                
16 406.4              
18 457             •   
20 508            
22 559            
24 610            
26 660.4                  
28 711.2                    
30 762                    
32 813                      
34 864                      
36 914                      
38 965                      
  • Included are a wide array of sizes and wall thicknesses in boiler tubes, we also have vast experience solving a variety of problems on all types of high pressure and low & medium boiler tubes in many different industries. Often times we can recommend alternate materials or a redesigned configuration to resolve the existing problem more effectively.
  • We provide details of physical and chemical properties with the maximum allowable stress value for all boiler tube specifications available. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can often obtain it quicker than other sources due to our ongoing relationships with leading tube suppliers.
  • Boiler tubes need to withstand high pressure and temperature. The state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced inspection and testing procedures ensure our boiler tube stand up to the harsh environments. An experienced supplier to the entire energy industry, AGICO is a reliable source for cold drawn and hot finished boiler tubing.  We have the capability and capacity to produce the size, specifications, quality and quantities you need.
Boiler Tubes and Pipes' Quality Assurance System

Boiler tubes and pipes are strongly demanded in order to satisfy especially strict usage conditions, along with operational reliability. We conducts strict quality control in all processes, from steel-making to tube and pipe-making, and we have established the following quality assurance system.

  • Independence of The Quality Assurance Department

The quality assurance department is independent from the manufacturing department and has primary authority and responsibility concerning quality in order, to take charge of ensuring such quality.

  • Standardization of Tasks

Various tasks related to manufacturing and quality are standardized and documented for unification.

  • Adoption of A Inspector Qualification System

All inspections engaged in work effecting quality have received strict training and have passed a qualification test.

  • Full Adoption of Nondestructive Tests

Various required tests and inspections are conducted according to applications, and nondestructive tests are applied to all products in the final inspection.

  • Establishment of Periodic Gauges and Tester Calibration Systems

Various gauges and testers are periodically calibrated to ensure quality inspection.

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