A53 ERW Pipe
1900MT A53 ERW Pipe in Mexico
Specification: ASTM A53 GR.B 273*7.75
Quantity: 1900 MT
Project: Coastal Protection
Region: Mexico
Date: March, 2017

Protect coastal towns, farmland, maturity and development, prevent the flooding of storm surge, attacks against the waves, currents, and scour of all kinds of engineering facilities.

1250 MT API 5L LSAW Pipe in Mexico
Specification: API 5L, GR.B, OD:30", 36"
Quantity: 1250 MT
Project: Sewage treatment
Region: Mexico
Date: February, 2017

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents), domestic, commercial and institutional. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.

LSAW A106 Pipe
570 MT A106 LSAW Pipe in Srilanka
Specification: ASTM A106 GR.B 4" 6"&8" SCH80,SCH STD - LSAW
Quantity: 570 MT
Project: Submarine pipelines Engineering
Region: Srilanka
Date: January, 2017

Submarine pipelines are vital components to the infrastructure of many municipalities. These piplines carry such things as domestic water, waste water, electrical lines, gas lines, communication lines, and outfall or intake systems.

3600 MT API 5L LSAW Pipe in Bangladesh
Specification: API 5L
Quantity: 3600 MT
Project: Natural gas transmission
Region: Bangladesh
Date: January, 2017

Improve the governance of the gas sector through its restructuring and increased private sector participation by developing an enabling regulatory framework and increase the pace of economic development in less-developed regions of the country by expanding the sustainable use and supply of natural gas.

API 5L PSL2 Natural Gas Pipe
4950 MT API 5L SSAW Pipe in Romania
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65 24"
Quantity: 4950 MT
Project: Natural gas engineering
Region: Romania
Date: December, 2016

The roles of the project is for a natural gas engineering between Romania and Bulgaria, the pipe need to pass through Plains, hills, that is to say, the construction and operating is quite difficult.

SSAW API 5L Pipeline
7600 MT API 5L SSAW Pipe in Brazil
Specification: API 5L X60 10" 18"
Quantity: 7600 MT
Project: Oil transportation engineering
Region: Brazil
Date: November, 2016

The project is mainly focus on the oil transportation. The oil pipeline go through hill to one city of Brazil in order to smelter for a variety of purposes.

API 5L SSAW Pipe for Liquid Transportation
9600 MT API 5L SSAW Pipe in Africa
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65,X70 24"
Quantity: 9600 MT
Project: Low voltage liquid transportation
Region: Africa
Date: October, 2016

The project mainly services in low voltage liquid transportation in city and city,which is a large engineering project in country.

2900 MT A106 Seamless Pipe in Canada
Specification: ASTM A106 GR.B, OD: 11/4" -14"
Quantity: 2900 MT
Project: Hydraulic System
Region: Canada
Date: September, 2016

Hydraulic engineering is the application of fluid mechanics principles to problems dealing with the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation,measurement, and use of water.

A53 Seamless Pipe for Sale
480 MT A53 Pipe in Panama
Specification: ASTM A53 3" 4"
Quantity: 480MT
Project: Civil Construction
Region: Panama
Date: August, 2016

This is a large government office building, by way of bidding, the requirements are very strict.

API 5L PSL2 Steel Pipe
3251 MT API 5L Line Pipe in Chile
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X42,X52 8" 10" &12"
Quantity: 3251MT
Project: offshore oil and gas field development project
Country: Chile
Date: June, 2016

Mainly engaged in the design and construction of offshore oil and gas field development project and its land-based terminal, various types of wharf construction and installation of steel structures, various types of submarine pipeline.

Export Line Pipe API 5L X52
1870.76 ton line pipe case
Standard: Line pipe X52
Quantity: 1870.76 ton
Project: Oil and gas projects launched by government
Region: Saudi Arabia
Date: May, 2016

1870.76 ton line pipe is not a big case for most steel manufacturers and suppliers. But we have to say that it is the most difficult case we have ever got. As we all know, it is easier to get better benefits from government projects but you have to pay more extra efforts at cost. Due to complicated certifications about the line pipe X52, there was few suppliers would like to take the case. We were the forth choice, but we did our best to achiever customer’s expect. We are capable to handle any case from different countries no matter what you need.

13200 Ton OCTG Projects in Saudi Arabia
13200 ton OCTG pipe case
Product: API SPEC 5CT
Quantity: 13200 ton
Project: Oil plants
Region: Saudi Arabia
Date: May, 2015

13,200 ton, yes, I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. 13200 ton is a big case for any steel pipe manufacturers and suppliers, but the clients choose us. We got it through open tender - well prepared, attractive price, comprehensive services and over 100 successful OCTG projects. The Saudi Arabia clients flew to our office and visited steel company three times, finally decided to give us a chance. At the end of August, we delivered all OCTG pipes and pipe fittings. On December 15, 2015, we got another inquiry from the same clients to order 5,400 ton OCTG tubing. We are looking forward new cooperation.

8100 Ton Line Pipe Export to Kuwait
8,100 ton line pipe case
Product: API Spec 5L
Quantity: 8,100 ton
Project: Gas pipeline project
Region: Kuwait
Date: November, 2014

Natural gas is transported through the transmission pipeline system, which is composed of large-diameter steel pipe. We offers large-diameter pipes used for the construction of long-distance gas transmission pipeline systems. Kuwait is shot of natural gas, so it depends on gas pipeline project to keep balance. Our clients from Kuwait said they were looking for natural gas from neighbor countries, so the steel pipeline was needed urgently.

Seamless Steel Tubes in Egypt
130 ton seamless steel tube case
Product: Seamless Steel Tube
Quantity: 130 ton
Region: Egypt
Date: July, 2002


It was the first big case over 100 ton for AGICO since its establishment. It took our sales manager 6 months to win Mr Johannes Arthur’s trust, finally he decided to give us a chance and signed the contract. Actions speak louder than word. From 2002 to 2014, every two years, Mr Johannes Arthur would buy various steel products from us.

Linepipes for Oil and Gas
850 ton line pipes for oil and natural gas case
Product: Seamless line pipe
Project: for oil and natural gas transferring
Quantity: 850 ton
Region: Mexico
Date: May, 2004

We got the inquiry after the New Year’s Day holiday, which was a big bonus for us. The customer expressed that he was very satisfied with our website and through careful and long term consideration, he and his team made a decision to give us a try. But on one condition, we must shorten the delivery time, they hoped three months was enough for us to get ready. Thanks to our reliable manufacturers and professional stuff, we gave our customer a pleased timetable.

ERW Steel Pipes for Sale
1800 ton ERW steel pipes case
Product: ERW steel pipes
Project:oil pipeline
Quantity: 1800 ton
Region: Venezuela
Date: August, 2007

It was one of the top 5 big cases for AGICO, and we placed particular attention since we received the inquiry. Mr Hans Rodriguez, a professional buyer works for the Venezuela government, had detailed requirements to ERW production, contract, pay terms and shipping. In order to win his trust, gold salesman Ms Victoria spent one week to deal with various kinds of difficulties and at last we got the contract. It is obvious that if we got their recognition, especially from the governments and organizations, we believe it could be permanent cooperation.

Steel PIple Line Case in Bangladesh
6000 ton steel pipeline case
Standard: API 5L
Quantity: 6000 ton
Project: Maracaibo Petroleum Project
Region: Bangladesh
Date: September, 2009

There are no easy answers to how to get customers’ trust and confidence. Perhaps that fact alone - try our best to benefit them -could be the basis to build a long term cooperation. The answer to the inquire and relationship depends on how much profit we can make for our clients. We have been studying the Bangladesh market for a long time and our attractive price and high quality finally reached a contract. 6000 ton steel pipe, in the past time, we never dared to dream. Once again, pulled all source together, we achieved win-win in the negotiation.

Export Seamless Steel Pipes
Over 1000ton seamless steel pipe case
Standard: API 5L/ S335/ A106
Quantity: 1300 ton
Project: MEPCO
Region: Saudi Arabia
Date: March, 2010

Customers from Saudi Arabia visited our offices and partners’ factory, which resolved doubt about our ability and the bottom line consists not in what you say but in what you do. Before they arrived , we made specific preparation to reconfirm and insure no risk at all. API 5L/ S335/ A106 all of them mentioned above, we are able to integrate resources to provide you one-station services.

Steel Tubes Manufacturer in China
120 ton steel tube case
Standard: DIN17175 ST 35.8  OD=60.3, 76.1, 114.3
Quantity: 120 ton
Project: Boiler Manufacturer
Region: Sri Lanka
Date: October, 2012

Under the global financial crisis, more and more steel purchasers come to China to buy boiler tubes with competitive prices. For the sake of attracting more potential clients, we offer steel pipe fabrication, such as, corrosion prevention, bending, painting, beveling, zinc coatings ,capping and cutting. If you buy steel tubes and pipes more than 100 ton, you will enjoy 10% discount and extract free fabrication process.

A355 Seamless Steel Pipes for Sale
200 ton seamless steel pipe case
Standard: A335   P91
Quantity: 200 ton
Project: Alumina
Region: Zambia
Date: April, 2014

Mr Moses Mlambo from Zambia was interested in seamless steel pipes and pipe fittings. Considering various numbers and kinds of pipe fittings, even though he wanted to buy 200 ton steel pipes, there was few trading company would like to offer prices and services. Clients come first, so we took the case and exerted all our energies to combine all products from steel pipe manufacturers in China. Unlike other products, the price of steel pipe is no longer a secret for consumers. The quotations we offer are on the basis of fairness, justice, honesty and credibility.

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