A/SA252 carbon steel pipe

ASME SA252 Carbon Steel Pipes for Export

ASTM/ASME A252/SA252 steel piling pipe is a structural pipe ideally suited for application in buildings, retaining walls, and other structures needing solid, dependably, quality made steel piling pipe as its structure. A252 describes nominal wall steel pipe piles of cylindrical shape and applies to pipe piles in which the steel cylinder acts as a permanent load-carrying member or as a shell to form case-in-place concrete piles.

The finished pipe piles shall be reasonably straight and shall not contain imperfection in such number or of such character as to render the pipe unsuitable for pipe piles. Surface imperfections exceeding 25% if the nominal wall in depth are considered defects. Defects not exceeding 22.5% of the nominal wall in depth way be repaired by welding. Before welding, the defect shall be completely removed.

ASTM A252 Carbon Steel Pipe Chemical Composition
ASTM A252 Phosphorus Max
Seamless and ERW Welded 0.050%
Mechanical Properties of ASTM A252 Carbon Steel Pipe
ASTM A252 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Tensile Strength,min,psi 50,000 60,000 66,000
Yield Strength 30,000 35,000 45,000
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