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ASTM a519 seamless carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing

This specification covers for several grades of carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished. The steel used in the mechanical tubing may be cast in ingots or may be strand cast. When steel of different grades is sequentially strand cast, identification of the resultant transition material is required. The seamless tubing is a tubular product made without a welded seam. It is usually manufactured by hot working steel, and if necessary, by subsequently cold finishing the hot-worked tubular product to produce the desired shape, dimensions and properties.

ASTM A519 Tubing Supplier
Stainless Steel Tubing Supplier

The ASTM A519 tubes shallbe furnished in the following shapes: round, square, rectangular and special sections. Heat analysis shall be made to determine the percentages of the elements specified. If secondary melting processes are used, the heat analysis shall be obtained from one remelted ingot or the product of one remelted ingot of each primary melt. The tubing shall be coated with a film of oil before shaping to retard rust when specified.

A519 Carbon and Alloy Mechanical Tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing is manufactured from carbon and alloy steels for structural or other mechanical purposes involving machining or heat treating, where close tolerances, smooth finish, or definite physical properties are important factors. The following tips are reasons why our products are popular at home and abroad.

  • Strict quality control

At all stages from raw materials to finished products, ANSON ASTM A519 are produced under an integrated system using the most advanced equipment, with rigid quality control exercised at each process.

  • Pleasing surface finish

ASTM A519 comes in surface finishes that exactly meet customer requirements or match the specifications for the intended applications. Inherently excellent properties are further enhanced by advanced heat treating technology to offer a smooth, pleasing surface texture.

  • High dimensional accuracy

To meet increasing severe standards for dimensional accuracy, ANSON exercise extra care in producing and inspecting ASTM A519 to particularly rigid dimensional tolerances. Outstanding dimensional accuracy is a result of such efforts.

  • Stable mechanical properties

Because the ASTM A519 from the basic framework of motor vehicles, industrial and construction machinery and so forth, we make sure the products it delivers exhibit consistent and uniform strength, work-ability and durability.

  • Wide size availability

Steel pipe and tubes for machine structures are produced to a broad variety of specifications and in a wide range of sizes. ASTM A519 for such applications are available in what may be just about the widest ranges of types and sizes anywhere.

  • Wall Thickness Tolerance of ASTM A519 Tubing
Wall Thickness Tolerance, Percent Over and Under Nominal Wall Thickness Range, As Percent of Outside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Size  Range In. (mm)
Under 15 15 and Over
Up to 2.999 (76.19) 12.5 10.0
3.000-5.999 (76.20-152.37) 10.0  7.5
6.000-10.750 (152.40-273.05) 10.0 10.0
10.750 and larger ±12-1/2% ±12-1/2%
  • Outside Diameter Tolerances of ASTM A 519 Tubing
Outside Diameter Size RangeInch (mm) Outside Diameter ToleranceInch (mm)
Over Under
Up to 2.999 (76.17) 0.020 (0.51) 0.020 (0.51)
3.000-4.499 (76.20-114.27) 0.025 (0.64) 0.025 (0.64)
4.500-5.999 (114.30-152.37) 0.031 (0.79) 0.031 (0.79)
6.000-7.499 (152.40-190.47) 0.037 (0.94) 0.037 (0.94)
7.500-8.999 (190.50-228.57) 0.045 (1.14) 0.045 (1.14)
9.000-10.750 (228.60-273.05) 0.050 (1.27) 0.050 (1.27)
10.750 and larger 1% 1%

The following is an inquiry from our customer Adrian, send your requirement to us if you have same needs.

I would like a price for the following items please. ASTM A-519 Seamless Hot Rolled Tubing - 3.5" X 1" wall. Qty 28 off per quarter. The above is the description on the drawing however the drawing itself indicates a size of 3.5"Ø outside with a 1" bore making the wall thickness 1.25". Could I have your thoughts and material suggestions please. regards Adrian

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