Seamless tubes and pipes standard marking and package

Seamless Tubes and Pipes Standard Marking
Steel Tubes and Pipes Marking

Steel Tubes and Pipes Standard Packing
Steel Tube and Pipe Package
Steel Tubes and Pipes Packing


For Inquiring and Ordering

All inquires and orders should contain the following information.

  • Designation

Specification, edition, grade, type and prat No. Purchaser’s own specification covering requirements not include in the referenced specification, and/or those that replace, valid specification should be attached to first inquiry and/or given at revision.

  • Specific requirements

 Method of manufacturer - seamless, electric - resistance welded
 Type of manufacture - hot-finished or cold drawn
 Type of end finish - square-cut or beveled & threaded and coupled
 Requirements different from the specification should be mentioned.

  • Dimensions

 Outside diameter [O.D] or nominal pipe size with abbreviation.
 Wall thickness - Nominal or minimum wall thickness, nominal weight or schedule number.
 Length - specific or random

  • Quantity

Feet, meters or number of lengths - delivery allowance should be specified

  • Inspection

Specify the name of an inspection agent when the inspector representing the purchaser should inspect.

  • Finish and coating

Mill’s standard varnish coating

  • Marking requirement

When a marking other than that stipulated in the specification is required, give a detailed description of such marking.

  • Packing requirement

Bundled or loose - any special packing should be so instructed if specified other than the specification.

  • Delivery requirements

Time, place and shipping instructions

  • End use

Commodities to be transported, location, on-land or off-shore, operation pressure and temperature, when available.

  • Consult with us before placing an order or at an inquiry when any of the following items are required.

 Intermediate grade, wall thickness
 Special and/or supplemental requirements in chemistry
 Special and/or supplemental mechanical properties
 Special or alternative hydro-static pressure
 Closer tolerance on sizes
 Additional and/or alternative nondestructive inspection


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